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We have seen many changes to the Fortnite map toward the beginning of the period, including Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, Pressure Plant, Sky Platforms and the sky is the limit from there. You can see the majority of the guide changes that were made toward the beginning of Season 9 here.

This would be an incredible spot to go to when you have to recuperate and not be seen by the adversary, as you are covered up by the holographic sign. This isn’t in fact a glitch or a bug, so it in all probability won’t be ‘fixed’ or changed.

Another arrangement of Season 9 content has landed in Fortnite. We’re currently in Week 2 of the new season, which implies there’s another combination of difficulties for players to finish crosswise over PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and cell phones. Of course, clearing the current week’s undertakings will compensate you with Battle Stars, which will thus level your Battle Pass up and open the hot new Season 9 skins and rewards.

That is not everything you can get by finishing difficulties, nonetheless. Epic has an additional reward coming up for players who figure out how to complete each of the seven errands from a given week: an uncommon stacking screen. These screens all component a cool bit of fine art, however the genuine reason you need to get them is on the grounds that they hold a hint directing you toward a free thing concealed some place around the island.

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The reward for finishing two weeks of Season 9 challenges is the Neochasers stacking screen presented previously. This time, in any case, the piece of information isn’t covered up inside the stacking screen itself, yet rather its depiction, which peruses, “Last observed at doing combating at Dino Park toilet, these two can’t be halted.” That’s the place you’ll discover Fortbyte #13. Head south of Paradise Palms, close to the three dinosaur statues, and locate the port-a-potty there. Decimate it to uncover the Fortbyte, which is currently all yours for the taking.

Dissimilar to past Utopia challenges, you don’t have to open the previously mentioned stacking screen to discover this Fortbyte; you essentially need acquired a Season 9 Battle Pass to gather it, so in the event that you fall into that class, you can go directly to its area and lift it up without finishing any of Week 2’s difficulties. In the event that despite everything you need assistance finding the chip, we’ve denoted its area on the guide underneath. You can likewise watch us walk you through the test in the video at the highest point of this guide.

In past seasons, finishing all the significantly number week by week difficulties would allow you to gather a free Banner, which could be utilized as a profile symbol. In any case, Epic is doing things somewhat better this season. On the off chance that you complete two week after week sets of difficulties, despite everything you’ll open an exceptional stacking screen; be that as it may, this one won’t direct you toward a free Banner, but instead a Fortbyte, another kind of collectible presented this season. Fortbytes take after little, gleaming PC chips, and they can be found by gathering certain criteria, for example, finishing a specific number of difficulties.

Season 9 of Fortnite is currently in progress, and it’s acquainted some huge changes with the hit fight royale game. Not exclusively are there new territories of the guide to investigate, engineer Epic Games is putting forth another Battle Pass to buy, which implies a heap of new skins and other corrective prizes to open throughout the following couple of weeks.

Obviously, with another Battle Pass comes another grouping of difficulties to finish, and Week 1’s missions are currently live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and portable. Finishing these will level your Battle Pass up and, thusly, open the previously mentioned Season 9 rewards. That is not everything you can get by finishing difficulties, notwithstanding.

Similarly as in past seasons, there’s an optional arrangement of missions to finish called Utopia challenges. These are Season 9’s likeness the Discovery challenges from Season 8, and they must finish by completing every one of the seven difficulties from a given week. On the off chance that you figure out how to do that, you’ll open a unique stacking screen that includes an unpretentious piece of information guiding you toward a free thing concealed some place around the island, for example, a Battle Star that dimensions your Battle Pass up by one level.

Complete the majority of the difficulties from multi week in Season 9 and you’ll open the stacking screen presented beneath. This time, the sign is genuinely simple to spot. Take a gander at the minigun and you’ll see a lot of directions composed onto the side of the weapon: I5, I6, J5, and J6. This is the place you’ll have to go to locate the free Battle Star.