In today’s edition of the BRUTE is totally broken, Timthetatman has taken the BRUTE protests to another level.

He managed to kill an entire team without being able to see a thing. With his monitor completely turned off, Tim still killed a four person squad with ease.

Words don’t really do it justice, just see for yourself:

TimTheTatMan just had the perfect experiment to prove how OP the big metal boyz are. He turned off his monitor while gunning one. from r/FortNiteBR

This just takes the BRUTE’s power to another level. With Epic’s recent blog post saying that they have zero plans to remove the BRUTE and that it actually is part of their strategy, it seems like they are going to be in the game for a long time.

It is a reckless decision that goes against the wishes of the vast majority of the community. You can’t click on anything related to Fortnite without seeing a wall of Vault Brute comments.

Some streamers have turned to playing different games. CouRage JD is playing Minecraft, Tim is playing Overwatch in his free time, Lupo and Ninja have been playing some Apex Legends. And these are the variety and entertainment streamers, not the true sweats.

Fortnite World Cup players have been laughing at Epic’s responses to complaints about the BRUTE, especially as their newest esports initiative gets underway later this year.

The Fortnite Champion Series promises to be one of the most consistent Fortnite esports initiatives to date, unfortunately if that consistency includes the BRUTE the whole thing may go up in flames.

It will be interesting to see how the BRUTE changes Fortnite esports, but it likely won’t be good.

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