Here’s a cheat sheet map for the “A Meteoric Rise” mission challenges that were released earlier today.

Epic released an image of the Fortnite Season 10 secret/mystery skin earlier today, which is named “The Scientist”. Along with the release of the Season 10 mystery skin, Epic also updated the decription of The Visitor skin.

In order to unlock the Season 10 secret skin, players must complete all of the “A Meteoric Rise” mission challenges. Along with the skin, players can also level up their Season 10 Battle Pass quicker by completing these challenges as five of seven challenges provide players will 10 Battle Stars each. The Scientist skin also had a back bling called Star Surge, which is also rewarded by completing one of the challenges.

Here’s the full list of challenges for the A Meteoric Rise mission:

Reddit user RyanStoffelen has created a cheat sheet map to help players complete the A Meteoric Rise mission challenges as quickly as possible. The cheat sheet marks the locations of the different Rift Zones around the map along with the locations of where the giant glowing cube, rift above Loot Lake, and the landing pod are on the map. You can check out the cheat sheet below:

A Meteoric Rise Mission Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map
A Meteoric Rise Mission Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map

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